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Molded Grommet

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
E-A-R has added a molded grommet to the company's standard inventory of isolators that is configured to accommodate the thinner gauge sheet metals and plastics of hard disk drives and circuit boards. The G-412 is a symmetric, internally ribbed grommet that takes a plate thickness of 0.031-inch (0.80 mm). Product designers can specify the grommet in numerous E-A-R proprietary damped elastomer formulations, depending on the energy control requirements and operating temperature of the application.

The G-412 grommet is well-suited for lightweight shock protection and vibration isolation, with a plate groove made expressly for the very-thin aluminum, steel, ABS and polycarbonate widely used in computers, hand-held electronics and other miniaturized precision equipment. Common applications include vibration isolation for fans and hard drives, soft-connection mounts for microphones and speakers, and shock protection for circuit boards and LCDs. Besides a .031-inch plate groove, the G-412 grommet has a .25-inch hole diameter, .158-inch inside diameter and .379-inch outside diameter. Recommended maximum load is 0.3 pounds.


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