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Low Power Op Amp

Tue, 02/13/2001 - 9:48am
Consuming 2.4 mA per op amp, the MIC915 dual and MIC916 triple op amp extends Micrel's family of high speed, low power operational amplifiers designed to meet the needs of power-sensitive high-speed applications.

Both devices share the same key specification as Micrel's advanced MIC910 single op amp. Supply current is 2.4 mA per op amp, the devices are unity-gain stable, and like the rest of the MIC91x family, the MIC915 and MIC916 can drive any capacitance load.

Both devices are specified at supply voltages of ± 2.5 V and ± 9 V. Input offset voltage is 1 mV (typical), large signal voltage gain is 73 dB, PSRR is 81 dB and CMRR is 98 dB.

Other features include: 135 MHz gain-bandwidth product; 270 V/us slew rate; unity gain stable; drives unlimited capacitance loads; IttyBitty, SOT23-5 packaging.


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