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LCD With 50,000 hour CCFL Backlight

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
Optrex America has introduced the DMF-50316, a new 240 × 64 LCD module designed for a variety of applications requiring long product life span. A CCFL backlight with a 50,000 hour life span helps ensure reliability and display longevity. The monochrome Optrex LCD module also features a contrast ratio of 50:1 making readability easy under various lighting.

The Optrex DMF-50316 surface luminance is 130 candelas. Brightness is uniform because the backlight tube runs the entire length of the module. The light does not have to travel far from tube-to-screen, and there is significantly less diffusion than with LCDs having a small tube design. Overall dimensions are 180 mm × 70 mm × 14 mm. The viewing area measures 132 mm × 39 mm with a dot pitch of 0.53 × 0.53. The LCD also features an onboard controller IC, the TC963C controller, and 64K SRAM. A user's manual is available at the company's website.


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