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Intellectual Property Core For Bluetooth

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
ARC Cores announces BlueARC™, a low-cost solution for developers who want to add Bluetooth wireless technology to their products. BlueARC is an integrated package of synthesizable hardware and software, and the hardware is portable to the designer's choice of chip-fabrication processes. Developers can take BlueARC-based designs to any foundry, providing access to the lowest-cost silicon.

The new BlueARC intellectual property (IP) core is based on ARC's user-configurable 32-bit Tangent-A4 microprocessor and a baseband controller and protocol stack licensed from Tality Corporation, a subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems Inc. In addition to providing HDL source code for the baseband controller, BlueARC offers integrated USB, Bluetooth profiles, a BlueRF-compliant radio interface, SoC (system-on-chip) design-support files, software-development and debug tools, and a BlueARC development system.

With BlueARC, developers can deliver a Bluetooth wireless-technology solution optimized for the performance and cost requirements of the application. BlueARC flexibly supports single- or multichip Bluetooth implementations. Other solutions may require a separate processor specifically for the Bluetooth function, together with additional processors and stacks to implement system functions. BlueARC reduces the silicon requirement and shortens the development cycle, enabling lower costs, lower power consumption, and faster time to market. BlueARC is scalable from a minimum of 12MHz clock speed for power-sensitive, low MIPS requirements, to higher clock rates for performance-critical applications.


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