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Fully Integrated Bluetooth PC Card

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
Toshiba America Information Systems (TAIS), Computer Systems Group (CSG) introduced a fully integrated Bluetooth™ PPC Card solution to the US market. Toshiba's PC Card and SPANworks productivity software enable team computing, so users can increase productivity no matter where their work takes them. Users up to 100 feet apart can share presentations, send instant messages, transfer documents, and exchange business cords automatically.

Toshiba's Bluetooth PC Card includes SPANworks, the first comprehensive wireless productivity and collaboration software solution for portable computers. Developed by Toshiba, SPANworks enables a spontaneous, seamless network over two or more portable computers (up to a total of seven) using Toshiba Bluetooth PC Cards. Users can unplug from wired networks and instantly set up a networked team computing environment without a server or established infrastructure.

Toshiba's Bluetooth PCV Card is an extended Type II Pc Card with an integrated antenna, which extends from the portable computer's PC Card slot when the card is inserted. The solution is completely software upgradeable, and Toshiba will be supporting new features in future software revisions. The radio's transmit power is 20 dBm, for a range of up to 100 feet (usage may vary). The PC Card includes a Bluetooth software suite and SPANworks, a wireless team computing software application. The Bluetooth PC Card can be used with notebook PCs that have a Type II PC Card slot and the following minimum configurations: Pentium® 133 MHz, 64 MB RAM, and either Windows® 98SE or Windows 98ME.


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