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Flash IDE Drives

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
White Electronic Designs introduces a new family of solid state Flash IDE Drives with up to 128 MB of 100% reliable data storage. The IDE15 family is a new category of non-volatile, mass-memory storage devices built with Intel StrataFlash™ components. Use of the random access memory components is a new approach providing increased data storage reliability. Intel's StrataFlash is a leading flash technology incorporating Multi Level Cell (MLC) storage techniques. This MLC technology currently allows 2 bits of information to be stored in one memory cell. It is expected that MLC technology will lead future technology developments and provide higher capacity, higher data storage reliability, and the best price per megabyte ratio.

The new IDE15 Flash drives operate at 5V, providing low power data storage. They are initially available in capacities up to 128MB, with higher densities anticipated in the future. They fit into standard disk drive bays, support the industry standard IDE interface, and can be used in a wide range of computer applications. Since there are no moving parts, these IDE drives are inherently shock and vibration resistant. They perform 100% reliably even under harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for mobile computing and critical data storage applications. This new product addresses the constant demand for high capacity data storage in high reliability systems, such as communications and medical instrumentation, where data integrity is a primary consideration.


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