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AC Capacitors

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
Cornell Dubilier introduced a new series of AC-rated capacitors with totally dry construction that eliminates any possibility of leakage. It is rated for operation from – 55 to 70 °C, and capacitance changes no more than ± 2% from – 40 to 75 ° C. Cornell's Type PD capacitor features a plastic case that eliminates any risk of dents or corrosion, and there is no need for grounding.

The new technology that permits operation at high AC voltages without oil is Cornell Dubilier's proprietary segmented-metallized-electrode system. The capacitor element is wound with metallized, polypropylene film in which the metallization is partitioned into small areas connected to adjacent areas by thin connections that act as fuses should the dielectric fail. This protection system is UL810 approved for 10,000-amp fault current protection.

Capacitance is 3 to 70 μF ± 10%, rated voltage is 240 to 440 Vac, and dissipation factor is no more than 0.15% at 120 Hz. Case sizes are cylindrical from 1.18 × 2.25 to 1.97 × 4.7 inches, and terminals are 1/4-inch Quick Connect, one blade per terminal with two blades per terminal optional.


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