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7/16 Panel Receptacle

Wed, 02/14/2001 - 6:19am
A new 7/16 panel receptacle that features a safety interlock switch which prevents people from touching a live high power, high current RF contact was introduced by Tru–Connector.

The Tru–Connector 7/16 Interlock Switch Panel Receptacle only completes a circuit when the male center contact is fully seated and the plug is mated per DIN 47223 specifications. Providing a fail–safe way to prevent people from touching a live contact, this panel receptacle is defaulted to the off position and is less cumbersome than using safety covers and other devices.

Simple to install and use, the Tru–Connector 7/16 Interlock Switch Panel Receptacle operates on 4 to 24 V DC and is constructed with either gold or silver center conductors, beryllium–copper contacts, Teflon®insulators, and brass bodies, either silver–or TruLustre™ (tri–metal) plated. Rated for 5,000 watts, it has dielectric withstanding voltage of 4,000 VRMS.


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