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16 Output and 16 Input PCI Digital I/O Cards

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 9:09am
Sealevel Systems, Inc. announces the REL – 16.PCI, a 16 output Digital I/O interface and the ISO – 16.PCI, a 16 optically isolated digital I/O interface for the PCI bus as an addition to its popular product line.

The REL – 16.PCI provides 16 reed relay outputs, which can be utilized for PC based control and automation of equipment including switches, satellite antenna control systems, video and audio studio automation, security control systems and other industrial automation systems. In addition, the REL – 16.PCI is the perfect choice for integrating unattended status monitoring equipment and fall–back network switching circuits.

Reed relays provide very high quality, long life, low current and dry contact switch closures. Reed relays are well suited for low current applications. The status of a reed relay is normally open then closes when energized. Writing a 1 to the proper port can individually energize each relay.

The ISO – 16.PCI provides 16 optically isolated inputs for connection to devices including sensors, switches, push buttons and other user inputs. The inputs can sense both AC and DC current while providing optical isolation, which eliminates spikes and surges present in industrial environments.

For ease in wiring, the card's DB – 37 connector can be interfaced directly to Sealevel's terminal block kit, part # KT – 101. The KT – 101 kit, consisting of a 6 ft. M/F cable and screw terminal black provides a simple means to connect field wiring to Sealevel's 37–pin I/O cards. The Sealevel Terminal Block provides both male and female DB – 37 connectors eliminating the need for gender benders and other adapters while simplifying cable connections.

Both card ship with Sealevel Systems' Seal/O suite of Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 drivers. Seal/O provides the user with a consistent and straightforward API (Application Programmer Interface), allowing the developer to concentrate on the details of the application as opposed to low level driver development. Application development is supported by popular development environments including Visual C, Visual Basic, and Delphi. Seal/O includes a utility for configuring the driver parameters under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000, further simplifying installation.

Seal/O TST, a Windows 98/NT/2000 Console application (32 bit), is included to allow the user to exercise the inputs and relays. Source code for Seal/O TST is included to facilitate software development. Seal/O VB, a 32 bit Visual Basic sample with GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows control of individual and groups of relays and timed relay activation.

Sealevel Systems also provides a Linux driver with each of their I/O adapters to simplify installation.


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