The new EK9300 PROFINET IO Bus Coupler from Beckhoff (Savage, MN) connects different control networks in a simple and efficient manner. This flexible device enables a PROFINET controller to exchange data with one or more EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and, in the future, EtherNet/IP systems. This means that the EK9300 can be used as a flexible gateway for real-time communication between these networks, with all the advantages provided by the EtherCAT network as an extremely high performance, lower-level I/O system via the directly connected EtherCAT Terminals. Via new firmware and corresponding EtherCAT Terminals, the EK9300 Bus Coupler can be used as a flexible gateway between different network and controller types:

  • From PROFINET to EtherCAT (with EL6692-0000).
  • From PROFINET to PROFINET (with EL6631-0010).
  • From PROFINET to PROFIBUS (with EL6731-0010).
  • From PROFINET to EtherNet/IP (with EL6652-0010 – in development).

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