TDK Corporation (Iselin, NJ) has developed an EPCOS ferrite disk that has been selected by Linear Technology (Milpitas, CA) for a wireless power receiver reference design with its LTC4120-based receiver. The power receiver is rated for 400 mA and simplifies wireless battery charging across a 12 mm air gap. The ferrite disk (B67410A0223X195), which is based on the high-performance EPCOS N95 ferrite material, features low losses over a wide temperature range and features:

  • A thickness of 0.6 mm.
  • A wireless power receiver with a constant current and voltage battery charger.
  • A wireless power transmission system composed of Tx and Rx circuitry and coils.
  • Applicability in handheld devices, industrial, sensors, portable medical devices, and other small devices.

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