Megger (Norristown, PA) has enhanced several of its 10 A digital low-resistance ohmmeters (DLRO) including the DLRO10, DLRO10X, and DLRO10HD. These DLROs are ideal for use in the utilities, telecom, railroad, aviation, manufacturing, and process control industries. The fully automatic DLRO10 and DLRO10X can now be powered from a mains/line power supply using Megger’s DLRO10PLU. This easy-to-use, optional power supply unit is designed to be fitted to either the DLRO or the DLRO10X in place of a standard battery pack. The DLRO10PLU is ideal for repetitive testing applications such as manufacturing production line use. Features include:

  • Multiple operating modes, including normal, auto, continuous, and high power. 
  • Unidirectional mode.
  • Measures resistance from 0.1 micro ohm to 2,000 ohm on one of 7 ranges.
  • Protected to 600 V. 

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