SEMI-GAS Systems (Malvern, PA) now offers a multi-cylinder bulk specialty gas system for high-flow gas processes. MegaCyl, part of the Megaturion line of bulk gas source systems, is ideal for areas where logistics or local regulations preclude the use of bulk gas containers. SEMI-GAS Systems’ MegaCyl utilizes 4 to 18 standard gas cylinders, or more, to create one consolidated bulk gas delivery system. The MegaCyl source system is designed to supply NH3, HCl, H2Se, and other hazardous process gases at flow rates up to 500 slpm. Optional manifold and cylinder heaters are incorporated to facilitate liquid to gas phase change and to sustain higher gas flow rates. Features include:

  • Fully automatic cylinder switchover. 
  • Constructed of welded 11 gauge steel with heavy cast aluminum cylinder brackets.
  • Self-closing, self-latching doors and ¼” thick windows.
  • Integrated UL approved fire sprinklers.

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