AT-cut crystalsIQD Frequency Products launched a new range of high specification crystals for specialist applications such as military, radar and pagers. The crystals are available in a variety of package styles including UM1, HC49, HC43CW (TO8) and HC45CW. For the highest possible ‘Q’ factor, customers should specify the Cold Weld (CW) packages. A wide frequency range is available including 10 MHz to 42 MHz at fundamental mode, 10 MHz to 125MHz at 3rd Overtone and 70 MHz to 175 MHz at 5th Overtone. This is pushing the design limits of quartz crystals due to the thinness of the blank that becomes unworkable beyond this. The new range offers low aging down to 0.1 ppm per year and tight frequency tolerance at 25°C down to ±3 ppm. This compares to standard crystals where typical figures would be 3 ppm per year aging and ±10 ppm frequency tolerance.

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