SMP connectorSRI Hermetics, Inc. announced the release of its new hermetic Hybrid Press-In 50-Ohm SMP connector for integrated microwave packaging. These will drop into housings with the user’s existing hole detail, causing no drawing changes to the housings, but improves the RF performance, according to the company. SRI Hermetics’ hybrid laser weldable 50-Ohm SMP compatible feedthroughs feature an exclusive Press-In flange knurl designed to align the feedthrough and maintain its position during welding. This feature eliminates the tendency for the feedthroughs to ‘rock’ during the welding process and therefore not having a proper and dependable ground to the housing. The Press-In feature requires a simpler hole detail in the housing and will give you consistent grounding each and every time. Using weldable feedthroughs over soldered feedthroughs also offers the ability to rework housings quickly and efficiently. This SMP feedthrough is available in aluminum and titanium. The Press-In hybrid feature is available in all form factors of coaxial feedthroughs including flange mount adaptable, SMA, SSMA, and SMPM.

The nominal impedance is 50 Ohms and the interface is in accordance with MIL-STD-348, SMP. All of our RF feedthroughs are made with nickel-iron-cobalt alloy in accordance with ASTM F15. Each contact is individually sealed with Corning 7070 equivalent glass. Rf ground springs are BeCu alloy 172/173 in accordance with ASTM B 194.

SRI Hermetics