Nemotek Technologie recently announced the integration of new fully automated testing systems to its manufacturing process. The automatic testing procedure now improves efficiency and reduces time-to-market for Nemotek’s customizable wafer-level solutions, including wafer-level optics (WLO), wafer-level packaging (WLP) and wafer-level cameras (WLC). By delivering the best quality products, Nemotek improves overall customer satisfaction in a shorter timeframe.

Manual testing can be often associated with a higher risk of error and product flaws during this labor intensive task. By leveraging the benefits of multi-station, automated testing, Nemotek can now process many more dices, in a much more controlled manner, while eliminating potential risks.

Nemotek is one of only a few Wafer-Level Camera manufacturers worldwide to bring complete testing automation in-house. The complete WLC manufacturing, testing and assembly process takes place in Nemotek Technologies? certified state-of-the art wafer facility located in the Mediterranean region.