The AMS-8050 Antenna Measurement System, available from ETS-Lindgren, is freestanding and built on a moveable cart configuration. It fits into parent buildings without special installation or construction.

The AMS-8050 is an appropriate solution when space is a limitation as it is a self-contained, test lab for making fast, over-the- air performance measurements of small wireless devices and mobile handsets, as well as short range APM.

Integrated drawers allow components required for testing to remain with the system. It is incorporated into a movable chassis so the entire system may be transported between different test stations. The ability to transport the system and store all components within the cart makes it a good solution for multiple research and development groups.

Small in size but big on operational throughput, the AMS 8050 Antenna Measurement System lets you make fully automated 2-D (polar) and 3-D (spherical) antenna pattern measurements. You can measure quantities such as: total radiated power (TRP), effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), total isotropic sensitivity (TIS), effective isotropic sensitivity (EIS), near-horizon partial radiated power (NHPRP), and near-horizon partial isotropic sensitivity (NHPIS).

This over-the-air test system for wireless device measurement may be used for rapid prototyping of wireless devices; design validation; pre-certification testing; performance measurement and production sampling.