TMC, in conjunction with Crossfire Media, has named Azimuth Systems as a recipient of the 2009 4GWE LTE Visionary Award in recognition of its industry-leading ACE™ MX MIMO Channel Emulator.

Azimuth’s ACE MX MIMO channel emulator was purpose-built to support the variety of test topologies, antenna correlations and propagation scenarios unique to MIMO-based, emerging 4G technologies like LTE.

Utilizing these product characteristics to replicate real-world channel propagation conditions in a controllable and repeatable fashion through the use of complex channel models and multiple, programmable parameters, the ACE MX channel emulator can verify radio performance, improve test coverage and decrease test cycles to enable rapid delivery of higher quality products.

“We are honored to be recognized by TMC and Crossfire Media for Azimuth’s innovation and technology advancements as the industry moves toward the deployment of 4G technologies,” said George Reed, vice president of marketing, Azimuth Systems.

“The platform’s support for multi-antenna MIMO and advanced modulation schemes has led numerous infrastructure and terminal vendors and service providers to purchase the ACE MX to support their advanced testing needs for new wireless technologies.”

The ACE MX is a flexible and scalable solution that offers frequency coverage from 450 MHz to 6 GHz and supports SISO and MIMO antenna configurations. The fully bi-directional design of the ACE MX enables emulation of real-world conditions in both base station to mobile (downstream) and mobile to base station (upstream) directions in a single enclosure without the need for external RF cables and components.