FARMINGTON HILLS, /PRNewswire/ -- Bosch continues to show its wide variety of automotive systems, including its advanced clean diesel and collision mitigation solutions. The company will have a strong presence in Washington, D.C., this week as it exhibits in the Washington Auto Show Green Car Pavilion and features three executives as panelists at the SAE Government Industry Meeting.

Additionally, some of Bosch's electric drive technology will be featured at the Bright Automotive exhibit on its plug in electric hybrid vehicle product, the IDEA.

Throughout this week, the company will also provide test drives in a variety of clean diesel vehicles. According to Bernd Boisten, regional president of Bosch Diesel Systems, North America: "The Washington Auto Show and the SAE Government Industry Meeting provide Bosch an opportunity to discuss the future of a variety of technologies and share ideas with others on the state of the industry during this critical time when it is beginning to rebound."

Boisten explains that Bosch, which has a strong commitment to research and development, investing $4.3 billion in 2009 and dedicating more than 25,000 associates to research and development worldwide, has a clear vision for the industry's future: "Ultimately, the company sees the electric vehicle becoming a reality long term and is diligently working to get the electric drive of the future readied for large-scale series production."

"At the same time, Bosch engineers are doing their utmost to further improve the internal combustion engine, which will be the prevailing powertrain, for decades to come. Bosch engineers are working to reduce the fuel consumption of gasoline and diesel engines by up to one third. Moreover, Bosch is also striving to make driving even safer. Preventing accidents is just as much a part of our company's strategic vision as protecting the environment."