STMicroelectronics' Cartesio+ is a new application processor with embedded GPS for next-generation in-car and portable navigation systems. Combining impressive processing power and positioning accuracy with a rich set of integrated peripherals, the Cartesio+ enables cost- and space-efficient navigation and infotainment applications with enhanced user experience. The Cartesio+ System-on-Chip which is manufactured in the company's 55 nm process technology, integrates a powerful ARM1176 processor with a GPS/Galileo positioning subsystem enhanced with indoor sensitivity, an advanced 3D graphics engine, and a large set of connectivity peripherals, including multiple SD/MMC, CAN and USB with integrated physical layers. The device's embedded graphics acceleration engine is optimized for 3D map content rendering using ST's patented anti-aliasing technique, which smoothes jagged edges in digital images improving map readability, without impacting on processor performance. Cartesio+ also integrates a video input port for connecting auxiliary devices, such as a rear-view camera for safe parking, and a hardware JPEG decoder for fast picture browsing without taxing the chip's main processing resources.