Agilent Technologies Inc. has expanded the company’s PNA-X network analyzer with 13.5, 43.5 and 50 GHz models. The 43.5 and 50 GHz models support higher frequency applications such as radar and satellite communications, while the 13.5 GHz model is appropriate for lower-frequency devices used in wireless communications.

Agilent’s award winning PNA-X nonlinear vector network analyzer (NVNA) has also been expanded to include a 13.5 GHz model and the industry’s first 43.5 and 50 GHz NVNA. These new solutions provide engineers developing and manufacturing active devices the flexibility to select just the right frequency that is required for their specific application.

Aerospace and defense engineers working up to 50 GHz can now benefit from Agilent’s single-connection, multiple measurements PNA-X. This analyzer’s integrated measurements, versatile hardware, and re-configurable measurement paths address this market’s key challenges: test system costs, test complexity, throughput gains, accuracy and equipment space.

The PNA-X integrates the capabilities of a full rack of equipment into a single instrument, simplifying test stations, reducing equipment count by 50 percent, and increasing throughput by 400 percent. The PNA-X also offers a unique single contact solution for on wafer tests.

This approach significantly improves quality by eliminating multiple probe contacts and enabling the most accurate characterization and reliable wire-bonding. Additionally, engineers working above 50 GHz can use the PNA-X to configure a banded mm-wave system up to 0.5 THz.

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