Fairchild Semiconductor brings power supply designers a boundary-conduction mode (BCM) interleaving power factor correction (PFC) controller that provides over 96% power conversion efficiency for AC/DC power supplies. Historically, the higher-efficiency and lower-cost BCM PFC converters are limited to about 300 W of maximum power level. Interleaving extends the power range of BCM control while ripple current cancellation minimizes high peak currents. By interleaving and keeping two power stages precisely at 180 degrees out of phase timing under all operating conditions, the FAN9612 lowers conduction losses. These energy-conservation benefits are integral in helping customers meet the latest ENERGY STAR® and Climate Savers Computing Initiative requirements. By the interleaving of the power trains, the FAN9612 is also able to reduce the input filter size and reduce board space by as much as 10% compared to alternate solutions.