Agilent Technologies Inc. has released a Digital Radio Frequency (DigRF) V4 test solution that enables comprehensive stimulus and analysis for developers of radio-frequency integrated circuits (RF-IC) and baseband ICs (BB-IC), as well as integrators of wireless handsets. DigRF V4, driven by the MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) Alliance, is a high-speed digital serial bus between mobile baseband and RF chips that is a key enabling technology for LTE and WiMAX. “Cross-domain” test, such as DigRF V4, offers new insights that reach from individual digital bits all the way through to IQ-modulated RF signals. Agilent’s test solution allows engineers to work in the domain (digital or RF) and abstraction level (physical or protocol layers) of their choice to quickly characterize RF-ICs and rapidly solve cross-domain integration problems. This test solution integrates DigRF V4 stimulus and protocol analysis tools into Agilent’s portfolio of digital, RF and wireless instruments. The new Agilent RDX (Radio Digital Cross-Domain) tester consists of two new modules, the Agilent N5343A exerciser module and the N5344A analysis module, which are housed in small, modular Agilent N2X mainframes. The modular structure is built to accommodate future MIMO designs.