ON Semiconductor’s NCP1081 and NCP1081 Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) and DC/DC converter controllers support power ranges up to 40 W of regulated power delivered to the application load in a 2-pair configuration. The 4.4 × 6.5 mm TSSOP-EP20-packaged devices perform in VoIP phones, wireless access points, industrial Ethernet devices, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and dome IP cameras, RFID base stations and WiMax modems. The IEEE 802.3af-standarized controllers use the SmartPower process for cable ESD and surge protection levels. The pin-compatible device use Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) to offer an adjustable under-voltage lockout mechanism, integrated classification loop and allowance of external programming of key parameters. The IEEE 802.3at draft (D3.0)-standardized NCP1081 includes over-temperature protections and a 2-event physical layer classification indicator.