The 2520GTA series signal generator delivers extremely fast switching speeds, high output power, and low residual phase noise in a single unit. The 2520GTA series signal generator is offered in a frequency range of 100 MHz to 20 GHz with a frequency resolution of 0.001 Hz over the entire band. Loaded with standard performance features such as high time base stability and an optional feature of high leveled output power, the 2520GTA makes an excellent test solution for a wide range of applications such as antenna and components testing. The 2520GTA offers frequency and amplitude switching speeds of <350 msec for any step size over its full frequency range and typically <200msec for frequency steps up to 100 MHz within a band. With these impressive switching speeds, the 2520GTA will improve throughput and reduce the cost of testing, making it suited for data intensive applications such as antenna characterization or high volume component testing in manufacturing environments, where test throughput must be maximized to reduce the cost of testing.
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