Mimix Broadband, Inc. introduces its XP1042-QT and XP1043-QH driver and power amplifier pair in RoHS compliant, standard 3ࡩ- and 4ࡪ-millimeter QFN plastic packages, covering 12 to 16 GHz. The XP1042-QT driver amplifier provides +38 dBm OIP3, +25 dBm P1dB and 21 dB gain, while the XP1043-QH power amplifier achieves +41 dBm OIP3, +32 dBm Psat and 20 dB gain. The power amplifier also includes an on-chip temperature-compensated power detector, offering power and gain control through bias adjustment. Both devices include on-chip ESD protection structures and DC bypass capacitors to ease implementation and volume assembly. The devices also have BCB wafer coatings to enhance ruggedness and repeatability of performance. The pair is suitable for wireless communications applications such as point-to-point radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT.