TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. announces its highly-integrated model TQM6M4028U and model TQM613027 modules for low cost GSM and CDMA handsets in emerging markets. The TQM6M4028U is a dual-band GSM Tx module for use in the Americas, and the TQM613027 is a high-efficiency PA-duplexer module for CDMA cellular-band applications. They offer a reduced bill-of-materials, smaller size, longer battery life and interoperability with leading single-chip silicon radios. Measuring 6 × 6 mm, the TQM6M4028U achieves a small form factor and addresses the GSM850 and PCS1900 bands. The TQM6M4028E supports the GSM900 and DCS1800 bands, and it is currently used in low cost handsets in Europe and Asia.