Radiospire Networks recently announced that it has successfully implemented the consumer electronics control (CEC) functionality into its AirHook™ wireless HDMI technology. AirHook technology, a high bandwidth wireless HD connectivity solution, will now offer automatic control through the CEC, the first wireless high-definition connectivity solution to offer this feature.

Governed by the HDMI LLC, the CEC channel allows AV products to communicate with one another over an HDMI system, enabling single-remote system control in two ways. Users can command and control multiple CEC-enabled boxes and peripherals with only one remote, and boxes can command and control each other without user intervention at all. Its integration into newly-introduced AV products has grown substantially in recent years as specifications for performance have been implemented. Wireless connectivity solutions must meet the same specifications for the use of a set of global controls for wired multiple electronics in a home theater system. "CEC functionality is a real bonus for consumers and our HDMI-CEC test solutions have been instrumental in bringing CEC to market without interoperability problems," said Mark Stockfisch, VP and CTO of Quantum Data, creators of the HDMI-CEC Development and Compliance Suite used by Radiospire. "Radiospire's inclusion of the CEC feature in its AirHook technology will be very helpful in expanding wireless connectivity in the living room, as well as increasing its attractiveness to display and other CE manufacturers."

Built specifically to deliver high-definition video, the AirHook chipset utilizes the widest bandwidths (1.7 GHz of unlicensed spectrum) and delivers some of the highest throughput (1.6 Gb/s) of any product on the market to allow for the transmission of pure, uncompressed audio and video with maximum picture quality and no latency.

"CEC compliance has become increasingly important to consumers," said Paul Powers, CEO of Radiospire. "Although the number of entertainment peripherals in the average living room continues to grow, the number of remote controls and complexity in commands should not have to. As HDMI cables make it easier for devices to communicate both with each other and with the user's single remote, wireless cable replacement solutions must do the same. AirHook is designed to replace HDMI cables with a better, more cost-effective and attractive solution, which means delivering not only the same picture quality, but the ease of use that comes from the ability to utilize the CEC channel as well."