Hittite Microwave Corporation announces the release of a GaAs MMIC HEMT ultra low noise amplifier module for use in telecommunication infrastructure, test equipment, VSAT, military and space applications from 5 to 9 GHz. The HMC-C048 is a miniature hermetic LNA module that provides 24 dB of gain, while contributing only 1.4 dB of noise figure over the frequency range of 5 to 9 GHz. The amplifier provides good output IP3 performance of +28 dBm as well as an output P1dB of 14.8 dBm while operating from a single positive supply within the range +8 V to +16 V. The amplifier I/O’s are internally matched to 50 ohms and DC blocked for robust performance. The HMC-C048 is conveniently housed in a miniature RoHS-5 compliant hermetic module that features removable SMA connectors which can be detached to allow direct connection of the I/O pins or even complete connector replacement in the field.