Microchip Technology Inc. announces the 25AA1024 and 25LC1024 (20 MHz) 1 (Mb) SPI serial EEPROM devices, along with the 25AA128, 25LC128, 25AA512 and 25LC512 128 Kbit and 512 Kbit devices. All are specified to operate up to 125°C, and they provide features that include over one million erase/write cycles and 200-year data retention. With byte-level reads and writes, the 10 MHz 25XX128/512 devices and 20 MHz 25XX1024 EEPROM devices require no external memory, nor do they require sector erases prior to writes, resulting in fast programming times, low program voltages, few components and simplified system operations. Low operating and standby currents enable the serial EEPROMs to consume little power during operation and standby.