Infineon Technologies announces a family of TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode arrays intended specifically to protect CAN (controller area network) automotive control networks and industrial bus systems from voltage spikes as high as 30 kV. The dual-channel, bi-directional and uni-directional ESD24V diode arrays are available in the industry-standard SOT23 package. The CAN TVS diode arrays represent an expansion of industry standard automotive semiconductor portfolio and as such are suited to use with the company’s solutions for powertrain, safety and comfort management systems. An automotive CAN transceiver must be able to survive the high energy transients produced by such environmental events as load dump, inductive load switching, relay contact chatter and ignition system noise. The TVS diodes in the Infineon ESD24V arrays have a fast turn-on time and limit the over-voltage to a safe value, absorbing the transient energy to prevent damage to the CAN transceiver and reducing the incidence of field failures. 00800951951951