Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX5096/MAX5097 easy-to-use, 40 V input, Dual Mode™ buck converters with user-selectable low-dropout (LDO) mode. At a high-output load, the converters reduce power dissipation by operating as high-efficiency, pulse-width modulated (PWM) switch-mode buck converters. During a key-off condition, the system's microcontroller drives the LDO or BUCK input pin on-the-fly and forces the change to LDO mode, thus reducing the quiescent current (IQ). For example, the quiescent current is only 41 microamps at 100 microamp load in LDO mode. The flexible configuration, low IQ operation, protection features and thermal enhancement make these converters suitable for low-cost, compact, automotive DC-DC applications.

Maxim Integrated Products