Established and emerging markets such as point-to-point radio and satellite communication systems pose significant challenges to existing GaAs millimeter wave MMIC technologies.
Charles F. Campbell, Shuoqi Chen, Rached Hajji, Steve Brown and Dan Green

Solid state Ka-band power amplifiers capable of efficiently producing multiple watts of saturated output power are required for VSAT ground terminal applications. Point-to-point digital radios alternately pose a significantly different challenge. These systems are migrating toward higher peak-to-average ratio modulation schemes and they require linear power amplifiers and mixers to maintain signal integrity. Both of these markets are primarily commercial and therefore these products must be designed with low cost points in mind. Manufacturers of millimeter-wave GaAs MMICs have responded to the needs of these markets with high performance transistor technologies integrated with low cost, high density fabrication processes. There has also been notable progress in MMIC design techniques and methodology to realize compact high performance product offerings. The remainder of this article highlights some of the development activities occurring to specifically address the millimeter-wave components market.

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