Applied Wave Research, Inc.(AWR)™ announces that its Visual System Simulator™(VSS) software now provides a WiMAX broadband fixed-wireless capability for the design of WiMAX-certified broadband wireless access (BWA) products. The solution fully meets the IEEE standard 802.16-2004 Wireless MAN-OFDM PHY specifications, and includes all the bit level functions, framing, randomization, RS-CC coding, interleaving, modulation, pilot, channelization and bandwidth options for uplink and downlink operations. WiMAX capability and interoperability in BWA communications products enables network operators worldwide to deliver economical broadband data, voice and video services to both residential and business customers. The standard, which delivers high-capacity point-to-multipoint connectivity, is backed by over 220 of the world’s most prominent communications equipment companies.

Applied Wave Research, Inc.