Anadigics introduces a new generation of High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power (HELP™) power amplifiers (PAs) for CDMA applications. The company’s second generation HELP™ (HELP2™) CDMA PAs provide industry-leading integration, while maintaining the high performance offered by first-generation HELP PAs. The 3 × 3 mm HELP2 CDMA PAs are footprint compatible with the company's 4 × 4 mm CDMA PAs. The features and performance offered by HELP2 PAs are enabled by the Anadigics’ exclusive InGaP-Plus™ technology, which integrates bipolar and field-effect transistor (FET) structures on the same InGaP GaAs die. These PAs achieve desirable efficiency across different output power levels, specifically at low-range and mid-range power levels where the PA typically operates, thereby increasing handset talk-time and standby-time. Anadigics’ family of HELP2 PAs includes the AWT6307 for the US cellular band and the AWT6308 for US PCS band.

Anadigics, Inc.