Atmel® announces a set of 0.18µ CMOS cell-based ASIC libraries providing up to 5.5 million usable ASIC gates. With a total dose capability of up to 300 Krads and a latch-up threshold higher than 70 MeV/cm2/mg, the ATC18RHA lets designers integrate small, light and high performing chips into aerospace electronics, space vehicles or navigation systems applications. The ATC18RHA is a standard cell library encompassing all the specific functions and buffers necessary for space designs. These include 655 Mb/s LVDS transmitters and receivers, PCI buffers, SEU hardened DFFs and cold sparing buffers. The ATC18RHA core operates with a 1.8 V power supply and two different sets of I/O buffer cells allow for interfacing with a 3.3 or 1.8 V logic, enabling designers to easily implement this new ASIC into any space design. Available in a selection of ceramic hermetic QFP (up to 352 pins) and MCGA (up to 625 pins) packages, the ATC18RHA is offered with pre-defined die sizes and pad rings.

Atmel Corporation