Senforce Wi-Fi Security (SWIS) safeguards and enforces security policies on desktops, notebooks and tablet computers within any type of Wi-Fi network. The technology has been architected so that it will enforce Wi-Fi security on legacy and the newest wireless networks, as well as evolving security standards on all Wi-Fi connections. When deployed, the software: prevents connections to rogue access points; prevents or disables "at risk" networking behavior, such as network adapter bridging; controls Wi-Fi usage by network location; delivers a self-defending client; disables Wi-Fi connectivity when using a wired LAN; disallows Wi-Fi ad hoc network connections by location; enforces use of WEP or WPA on all Wi-Fi connections; ensures endpoints can only connect via approved Wi-Fi access points; ensures use of pre-approved Wi-Fi adapters to make wireless connections; and enables security administrators to automatically distribute and apply WEP and/or WPA pre-shared keys without any end-user intervention.

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