Fairchild Semiconductor's eleven IntelliMAX™ high-current (up to 400 mA), low loss (typical RDS(ON) = 0.12Ω) load switches reduce design cycle times and costs for battery-powered portable applications. The IntelliMAX load management portfolio ensures flexibility by addressing various system architectures to simplify designs. Each FPF21XX device integrates protection, control and fault-monitoring features into an SOT-23 package. This feature-set includes: controlled switch turn-on reduces in-rush current and supply transients; current-limiting with device options (200 mA, 400 mA); under-voltage lockout; thermal shutdown to reduce excessive heating or system damage; hard/short protection with fast response time (20 nanoseconds) for hard short conditions; fast current-limit response time (3 microseconds) for nominal over-current conditions; flag for fault conditions with options for fault blanking, auto-restart functions; and options for reverse-current blocking capability.
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