Rohde & Schwarz announces that a range of measurement solutions are available for testing radio equipment and designed for use with High-Speed Downlink Packet (HSDPA), an expansion of WCDMA. Testing can be performed using the CRTU-W protocol tester, as well as the CMU200 and CMU300 Universal Radio Communication Testers. The SMU200A vector signal generator, FSQ vector signal analyzer, FSP and FSU spectrum analyzers and FSMU-W base station tester are also equipped with HSDPA functionality. The CTRU-W protocol tester supports HSDPA measurements on user equipment from development to conformance testing. It uses Layer 1 test software to check the adaptive modulation and coding as well as the hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) protocol. With its C++ programming interface, the protocol tester allows users to create their own test scenarios for HSDPA, and TTCN test cases for HSDPA conformance tests will soon be available.
Rohde & Schwarz, Inc.