Agilent introduces 12 portable digital storage and mixed signal oscilloscopes (DSOs/MSOs) with bandwidths of 300 MHz and 500 MHz, and a portable 1 GHz offering. With a real-time display update, the Agilent 6000 series can show critical events in complex waveforms, reducing design verification and debug time. These oscilloscopes feature Agilent’s MegaZoom III display technology, which provides real-time, high-resolution XGA waveform viewing with 256 levels of color-intensity grades, and memory depth up to a full 8 Meg points. The 6000 Series oscilloscopes come standard with LAN, GP-IB, and USB interfaces, as well as an additional front-panel USB port to replace limited capacity floppy drives. The front panel USB port lets designers store large memory records, screen images and settings on standard higher-speed, higher-capacity USB memory sticks.

Agilent Technologies Inc.