Noise Com (a Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. Company) and Boonton Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. have been in the RF and Microwave Test Equipment industry for 17 and 56 years respectively. Over the past decade Noise Com had made many contributions to the progression of communications testing through our expertise in noise. More specifically, Noise Com has improved the absolute calibration accuracy and availability for noise. Identifying that the real need for digital communications today is a capacity for repeatable generation of precise ratios of carrier-to-noise power, rather than high resolution absolute noise power for bit-error rate testing. The UFX-EbNo Precision Eb/No (C/N) Generators and the NBS-Series Primary Noise Calibration Standards are recent examples of new products meeting today's test and measurement needs.

Noise Com is committed to adding value for customers by making contributions to advancing communications technology and testing.

Boonton Electronics continues to maintain its' long standing reputation as a provider of instrumentation in RF Power Measurement. Boonton's contributions over the past decade include introducing fast Peak Power Analyzers capable of capturing larger than 20 MHz bandwidth signals and the ability to analyze power versus time and probability to the RF test equipment market. These unique power measurement instruments also offer the user accurate built-in calibrators allowing at site improved measurement accuracy. This type of technology has improved the accuracy and efficiency of Peak Power measurements supporting the development of communications and wireless technology.

Trust that Boonton Electronics will continue to provide and introduce instruments of the highest level of performance adding value way beyond their depreciation point.