The 24-volt DC input versions of the TTX Series of power supplies is for use in rugged applications including mobile systems. Included are a new 350 watt 3U 1-slot and a 1-slot 700 watt 6U 1-slot model. The 24-volt TTX supports an input range of 18 - 36 V and provides the following standard outputs: 3U/350 W: 5 V @ 35 A, 3.3 V @ 45 A, 12 V @ 5 A, and – 12 V @ 1.5 A; 6U/700 W: 5 V @ 60 A, 3.3 V @ 90 A, 12 V @ 7.5 A, and – 12 V @ 1.5 A. The new topology is an isolated, fixed 500 kHz switching frequency that utilizes dual soft switching bridge architecture with integrated planar magnetics. Voltage percentages and load balancing can also be verified. The TTX Series does not use DC/DC converters. OR'ring diodes are replaced with MOSFETs, reducing heat dissipation. The side-mounted heat sink improves thermal transfer and lowers airflow restriction.