The TL414R battery withstands temperatures of 260°C for several minutes. The TL414R has an operating voltage of 1.2 V and a capacity of 1.0 mAh, and measures 4.8 mm in diameter with a height of 1.4 mm and weighs 0.07 gram. This coin-type titanium lithium rechargeable battery is capable of 500 cycles in its charge/discharge cycle.

Maxell's 3 volt ML614 has a capacity of 3.6 mAh and a standard discharge current of 0.02 mA. It measures 6.8 mm in diameter by 1.4 mm high and weighs 0.16 grams. The ML414 has a capacity of 1.6 mAh and standard discharge current of 0.01 mA, and measures 4.8 mm in diameter by 1.4 mm high, and weighs 0.07 gram. Both cells are capable of up to 1500 shallow charge and discharge cycles and are rated to operate at temperatures from – 20°C to +60°C.