Atmel announced the availability of a new RF data control receiver which simplifies design-ins. The receiver is transparent, which means that incoming data is directly forwarded to the output, the conventional first-time data validation and comparison is done by an external microcontroller as usual for consumer and industrial systems. The T5744 is an ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) receiver and fits for almost all kinds of modulations schemes including Manchester, Biphase and most PWM protocols.

The T5744 operates in the frequency range of 300 MHz to 450 MHz and is designed for the demands of low-cost RF data communication systems with data rates of maximum 10 kHz. An on-board RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) output distinguishes the signal strength of the received signals. To create a complete RF data communication system, the receiver IC seamlessly operates together with Atmel's RF PLL transmitters U274xB and T575x. As programming is not necessary, the circuit is easy to use in any application and design-ins can be realized quickly. The single-ended RF input allows unproblematic adaptation to a l/4 antenna or to a printed antenna on the board. Only a few external circuits and almost no RF components on the PC board are required. The replacement of currently used RF receivers by the T5744 is very simple, only two pins, the data pin and the standby pin, have to be connected to a microcontroller. To reduce the current consumption of 7 milliampere to 190 microampere, the device can be switched via the standby pin into sleep mode where only the crystal oscillator is still running to enable a fast start-up.