KOA Speer Electronics introduces its new line of current sensing surface mount resistors designed for lesser thermal expansion/contraction, allowing for fewer mismatches and/or separations between the part and the PCB. The unique open-center shapes of the LR72A/B/C series provide cooler operation as the flexible leads also allow for thermal expansion and aid in alleviating stress to the component. KOA Speer current sensing resistors minimize current interference.

The LR72 A/B/C series resistors offer a standard tolerance of ± 5%, an inductance value of under 10 nH and standard resistance ratings as low as 0.002 Ohms. Types A and B feature a TCR of ± 100 ppm/°C and power ratings of 1/2 W @ 25°C and 1/4 W @ 25°C respectively. Type C features a TCR of ± 350 ppm/°C and power ratings of 1 W @ 70°C and 2 W @ 25°C. KOA Speer LR72 A/B/C series resistors are flameproof and designed with 60/40 plate pads suitable for flow and reflow soldering. KOA Speer LR72 A/B/C series resistors may be used in current sensing, low inductance, feedback, surge and pulse, and AC applications (consult KOA Speer factory regarding AC use).