The ST series surface mount inductor is as low as 1.2 mm in height. The catalog ST2006 series is 1.5 mm maximum height. The small size, low DC resistance and high efficiency makes the ST series ideal for DC - DC converter applications in portable electronics. The low-loss, toroidal ferrite core allows an operating frequency to 1 MHz with high efficiency in an extremely small package. The toroidal core also minimizes the radiated field, allowing the inductor to be placed more closely to other components.

The ST2006 series is available in inductance values from 1.1 uH to 22 uH with maximum DC resistance values from .028 ohms .294 ohms. Maximum current carrying capability is as high as 3 amps. Saturation current is greater than similar products.

The ST series inductors are over-molded in high temperature plastic and are able to withstand surface mount soldering procedures including the newer higher temperature requirements of "lead-free" initiatives. The rugged over-molded body does not rely on adhesives and the self-leaded terminals eliminate intermediate connections. The flat top allows for convenient "pick and place" assembly. Typical applications include portable electronics such as wireless telephones, pagers, PDAs, hand held computers, white LED drivers, and computer PCMCIA cards. Other applications include any power or filter application where a small, conveniently packaged surface mount toroidal inductor is required.