IFR Systems announced availability of two new power supplies: the Kikusui PAN600-2A and PAN350-3.5A. The PAN600-2A is a replacement for the existing Kikusui PAD500-2L and PAD600-1.5L models. The PAN350-3.5A is a new product. Both the PAN600-2A and PAN350-3.5A offer the power necessary for research and development, quality control or production of 300 and 600-volt devices.

The PAN600 2-A and PAN350-3.5A products are high-performance, highly reliable DC power supplies that offer regulated variable voltage. Each model is designed to include over voltage protection (OVP) and other safety functions. Additional features include low temperature drift of 100 ppm/°C (constant voltage) and 300 ppm/°C (constant current). The PAN600 2-A and PAN350-3.5A also feature quick transient response allowing fast response to a sudden change of the load. Both models include remote sensing and master-slave control serial and parallel operations.