Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX6832--MAX6840 microprocessor supervisory circuits. Designed to monitor supply rails of +1.2 V to +1.8 V in microprocessor and digital systems, these low-power SC70 devices consume only 7 microamps of quiescent current, making them perfect for portable applications.

Whenever a monitored voltage falls below the reset threshold, the reset output asserts and stays asserted for a minimum reset timeout period after VCC rises above the reset threshold. The MAX6832-MAX6837 are available with six factory-set reset thresholds ranging from 1.050V to 1.665V. The MAX6838/MAX6839/MAX6840 have a user-adjustable threshold that allows voltages to be monitored down to 0.44V. Five reset-timing options are available with typical values of 10 microseconds (voltage-detector version), 1.5 ms, 30 ms, 210 ms, and 1680 ms.

These devices are available with three reset output options: an active-low, push-pull output (MAX6832/MAX6835/MAX6838), an active-high, push-pull output (MAX6833/MAX6836/MAX6839), and an active-low, open-drain output (MAX6384/MAX6837/MAX6840). The MAX6835/MAX6836/MAX6837 feature a debounced manual reset input.

These devices are available in a 3-pin (MAX6832/MAX6833/MAX6834) or 4-pin (MAX6835-MAX6840) SC70 package and are fully specified over the extended temperature range (-40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius).