The third generation of the HP series is available in styles which offer compatibility with previous HP-Series modules. Like its predecessors, the HP-3 is designed for the cost-effective, high-performance wireless transfer of analog or digital data in the 902 - 928 MHz band. In the US, this band is ideal for a wide variety of analog or digital wireless applications including data links, process and status control, home and industrial automation, security, remote control/monitoring, audio, and analog transfer.

To assure robust performance, the transmitter employs FM/FSK modulation and a microprocessor-controlled synthesized architecture. Several new versions and package styles are available: the HP3-xPO offers eight parallel selectable channels, while the HP3-xPS offers both eight parallel and 120 serially selectable channels. Transmitter and receiver modules are available in reduced-size SIP pinned or compact surface-mount packages. Like all Linx modules, the HP-3 requires no tuning and in most cases no external RF components (except an antenna), making integration straightforward.