Thermagon, Inc. has introduced T-pcm HP 105™, a phase-change type thermal interface material with lowest thermal impedance. T-pcm HP 105™ is a 0.005 inches thick, non-electrically conductive film that is naturally tacky at room temperature. T-pcm HP 105™ begins to soften and flow at 50°C, filling the microscopic irregularities of both the component and thermal solution, thus reducing thermal interface resistance. T-pcm HP 105™ offers 50% improvement in thermal impedance over other phase change materials. The thermal impedance is 0.024°C-in2/W (0.33 C-cm2/W) @ 10 psi and 0.017°C-in2/W (0.11°C-in2/W) @ 50 psi. This outstanding thermal performance surpasses all other commercially available interface products and makes T-pcm HP 105™ the best choice in cooling today's 1+GHz processors.

T-pcm HP 105™ is naturally tacky and requires no additional adhesives or preheating of the heat sinks for assembly. T-pcm HP 105™ is supplied in rolls with a red top tabbed liner for easy application. Individually die cut shapes can also be supplied.